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Final project meeting – preparing the CoOp resources to be shared with youth organizations and SMEs

The final project meeting of #CoOp project was held in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, between 21-23 May, 2019. The project Romanian partner Fundatia Danis hosted participants representing partner organizations Youth Work Ireland (Ireland), Asset Tec (Greece), Fundacja Robinson Crusoe (Poland) and Norsensus Mediaforum (Norway). During the project meeting, the partners got the chance to revise the progress […]

A long term collaboration success story from Poland: “Vehicle for Independence” for youth from foster care

This is the story of a successful collaboration between the Regional Youth Center in Lebork, Poland, and the company Farm Frites Poland . A cooperation which started through the involvement of both partners in an European Grant Application to apply for a grant to start a “Vehicle for Independence” for youth from foster care, and […]

A Greek Business Consultancy Company and NGO Working for Skill Development of Young People With Mental Health Issues

Cooperation between ASSET Technology, a Business Consulting company established in Athens Greece, with EPAPSY – Association for Regional Development and Mental Health for the establishment of Social Cooperative “Heliotropio” The establishment of Social Cooperative Heliotropio, for youth with low skills and mild mental health problems, in the north and east part of Athens, with aim […]

Highlights from CoOp Fundraising & CSR Training Course

25 youth workers from Greece, Ireland, Norway, Poland and Romania were trained on how to use fundraising methods and techniques and got guidance on companies’ corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities, in order to enhance their collaboration with small-medium enterprises (SMEs) from their communities. The CoOp Fundraising and CSR Training Course took place in Athens, Greece, […]

“Without the help of the SMEs, such an event cannot really take place…”

RATIO Academy is a project developed by RATIO Accounting Students’ Association, which aims at supporting university students to connect better with the labor market, and ease their entrance on the job market, by putting them in direct contact with relevant employers during one week of events and workshops. “I was reflecting recently on the success […]

Coop Project Meeting in Athens – preparing the CSR & Fundraising Training Course

The 4th project meeting of #CoOp project was held in Athens, Greece, between 6-9 December, 2018. The Greek partner of the project Asset Tec (Greece) hosted participants representing partner organizations Youth Work Ireland (Ireland), Fundacja Robinson Crusoe (Poland), Fundatia Danis (Romania) and Norsensus Mediaforum (Norway). At the core of the project meeting was planning the CoOp Training Course on CSR and Fundraising that will take place in […]

Multiplier Event Poland- How to initiate a NGO-business cooperation?

In order to promote and discuss the CoOp Research report which provided an overview on how the SME-NGO cooperation functions in Poland as well as in four other European countries, a half-day event was organized by the Robinson Crusoe Foundation on the 12th of October 2018 in Warsaw, Poland. The event allowed to bring together […]

CoOp with us! Romania Multiplier Event

12 experts and youth workers from youth organizations, SMEs, multinational companies, local municipality and university participated in the CoOp with us! Romania Multiplier Event. The event was a learning and sharing experience in the field of cooperation between companies and youth organizations. During the event from September 24th, 2018, from Cluj-Napoca, the experts and youth […]

Shaping the future of Corporate Social Responsibility to benefit Youth non-profits in Ireland

On 27th September 2018 Youth Work Ireland invited other Youth NGOs as well as key stakeholders in the field of CSR and SMEs to their offices to meet and work together as part of the CoOp project. These included representatives from government, business associations, universities, and of course many NGOs. The day started with an […]

CoOp Comparative Report on SMEs and youth organizations cooperation is ready to be shared with stakeholders! 

CoOp Comparative Report shows that youth organizations and SMEs need to find some reconciliations and compromises, or, better, common solutions to the following issues: Want to find out more? Read the full Comparative Report here. The main goal of the CoOp research was to collect relevant information that can be used by the CoOp partners […]