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Young people facing employability challenges, trained to become chefs, in Dublin

Two NGOs from Dublin collaborate in the Urban Picnic Outreach Programme: the company is based in Sheriff St in the inner city and the purpose is to help young people facing employability challenges. The company trains them to become chefs with the support of nine mentors within a six-month training programme. The Partners The SME […]

Math national competition involves over 100,000 children, young people and teachers from Norway, with the support of an SME

The in-kind support of an SME from Norway turns the math competition for children and young people, organized by an NGO, in the biggest national education competition in the country. The partners The youth organization Pangealekene (Pange games) is an NGO from Norway which works at national level to promote math and science competences among […]

The five minutes rule and innovative projects

This is the story of a successful collaboration between a printing house and an organization of young artists, told from the company’s perspective which chose to support a very innovative arts project with high impact in the community. Also, the story encourages NGOs to reach companies for collaboration – the case shows that sometimes the […]

A long term collaboration success story from Poland: “Vehicle for Independence” for youth from foster care

This is the story of a successful collaboration between the Regional Youth Center in Lebork, Poland, and the company Farm Frites Poland . A cooperation which started through the involvement of both partners in an European Grant Application to apply for a grant to start a “Vehicle for Independence” for youth from foster care, and […]

A Greek Business Consultancy Company and NGO Working for Skill Development of Young People With Mental Health Issues

Cooperation between ASSET Technology, a Business Consulting company established in Athens Greece, with EPAPSY – Association for Regional Development and Mental Health for the establishment of Social Cooperative “Heliotropio” The establishment of Social Cooperative Heliotropio, for youth with low skills and mild mental health problems, in the north and east part of Athens, with aim […]

“Without the help of the SMEs, such an event cannot really take place…”

RATIO Academy is a project developed by RATIO Accounting Students’ Association, which aims at supporting university students to connect better with the labor market, and ease their entrance on the job market, by putting them in direct contact with relevant employers during one week of events and workshops. “I was reflecting recently on the success […]

Entrepreneurs who change Romania

Horatiu Pitea, Young owner, giving advice to young entrepreneurs in a networking event organized by Fundatia Danis.

Horatiu Pitea, Young’s owner, giving advice to young entrepreneurs in a networking event organized by Fundatia Danis. This is a story of a successful collaboration, and of a beautiful friendship between a Romanian SME and a Romanian youth organization – Young, and Fundatia Danis. If the steps of collaboration are common, not so common it […]