CoOp Comparative Report on SMEs and youth organizations cooperation is ready to be shared with stakeholders! 

CoOp Comparative Report shows that youth organizations and SMEs need to find some reconciliations and compromises, or, better, common solutions to the following issues:

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The main goal of the CoOp research was to collect relevant information that can be used by the CoOp partners in developing meaningful tools for youth organizations interested in enhancing their collaboration with Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) from their community.

CoOp Comparative Report extracts, summarizes and compares data from the national reports about the youth organizations and SMEs cooperation in Greece, Ireland, Norway, Poland and Romania, which were developed by the CoOp partners: Asset Tec (Greece), Youth Work Ireland (Ireland), Norsensus Mediaforum (Norway), Fundacja Robinson Crusoe (Poland) and Fundatia Danis (Romania).

85 youth organizations and 51 SMEs participated in the national CoOp studies and helped us to get a relevant overview of the current collaboration, but also relevant data on interests and motivations towards future cooperation between the two sectors from the five partner countries.

The main objectives of the comparative report are:

  • to give an overview of the national research findings; to comparatively analyze the information collected on the collaboration between SMEs and youth organizations from Greece, Ireland, Norway, Poland and Romania;
  • to identify the specificities, the commonalities and differences in the cooperation between youth organizations and SMEs, in approaches the two sectors take, in motivations and needs they have when they get involved in cross-sector work, and in the plans they establish for their potential collaboration.

Read the Comparative Report here.

The comparative report, first, serves the partner organizations in the process of developing meaningful tools for youth organizations and youth workers interested in improving their collaboration with the SMEs sector, tools, such as a training and a training toolkit for youth workers in the field of fundraising and CSR, ready tools for fundraising for youth organizations, best practices guide for youth organizations-SMEs cooperation, policies briefs for improving the national policies in the field of youth-business sector cooperation, and a vlog with stories that could motivate both sectors for improving collaboration for the wellbeing of their communities.

The comparative report also serves any other European organization, institution, enterprise interested in the cooperation between SMEs and youth organizations, or interested in further developing CoOp research or similar European projects, or in using the data presented here for improving the cross-sector cooperation between youth organizations and SMEs, through education, training or consultancy services.