CoOp project promotes new perspective on SMEs-youth organizations cooperation in Norway

Inspiring the Norwegian NGOs to increase their cooperation with the business sector, that was the main goal of the event organized by Norsensus Mediaforum in partnership with Frivillighet Norge, on June 18th. The two organizations brought together professionals, but also volunteers from very diverse NGOs from Norway, all interested in learning more about how to better cooperate with the business sector.

Frivillighet Norge presented to the participants a collection of successful stories of cooperation between the voluntary sector and the business sector, providing data on how this type of collaboration takes place in Norway; while Norsensus brought in the discussion the international perspective of NGOs-SMEs cooperation, by presenting research data and success stories from Ireland, Greece, Norway, Poland and Romania, collected within the CoOp project.

Also, during the event, the participants were engaged in a debate on what the NGOs can do together, as a sector, to enhance the cooperation between SMEs and youth organizations. At the same time, they were also invited to think to the role the business sector could have in supporting the voluntary sector. All these discussions took place in the very specific context of Norway, in which there is a strict division of responsibilities between public, voluntary and private sectors and in which there is a high skepticism on involving the business sector in civil society matters.

Finally, during the event Norsensus also presented to the participants all CoOp project results and the educational resources on fundraising and CSR that any youth organization could use to build its cooperation capacity with the business sector.